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Alyss at 7

Alyss Heart is the queen of Wonderland. She is the daughter of Queen Genevieve Heart and King Nolan, the niece of Redd Heart, and the love interest and (as of ArchEnemy) the fiancé of Dodge Anders.

Description Edit

Alyss is described as being beautiful and slim, with black hair. When she was younger, her hair had been long, but her adopted mother made her cut it short when she entered our world.

Biography Edit

In her early life she loved to play with Dodge Anders and give him a hard time. She studied to be a queen and use her Imagination for good. On her 7th birthday she found a kitten that could smile, and brought it to her mother. It turned out that it was Redd's creation, The Cat . She ran with her mom to escape her Aunt Redd. Her mom gave her life to save her daughter. She escaped with her mother's bodyguard, Hatter Madigan, through the Crystal Continuum and went through the Pool of Tears. She landed in England and was taken care of by the Liddell family. She told her story to her friend, the minister Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll), and he wrote the book Alice's Adventures Underground (later renamed Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)based on her experience. As this book was so different from what had actually occured, she was upset with him and accused him of not believing her. She grew up and was to marry Prince Leopold when Dodge rushed in and brought her home. She then took the crown from her Aunt Redd and took her position as Queen of Wonderland. She realised and developed her childhood feeling for Dodge Anders, but was embarrassed at first to admit it. During a battle with King Arch, she lost her Imagination and her kingdom was being taken over by Arch, she eventually began to regain her Imagination and defeated Arch. The series ends with her asking Dodge to become her king (her husband) and Genevieve and Nolan watching proudly from a looking glass.

Imagination Edit

At age 7, Alyss had a very powerful Imagination, more powerful than anyone else her age. Upon her arrival to our world, she slowly started to lose it, however. This is probably because of prolonged separation from the Heart Crystal. She regained use of her imagination shortly after arriving back to Wonderland 13 years later, when she put a muzzle on a cannonball spider trying to attack Dodge Anders.


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